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Submitted on
January 27, 2009
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((this one is for babe~ who requested it))

Once upon a time, I read in a book, a story of two star crossed lovers...
the book is gone now, along with most of my memory of it, except...that one line...
the one line that made me think, which most books had ceased doing...

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

but flowers do not have names...a rose is a rose a tulip is simply a tulip and a daisy will never be known as anything more than daisy...

but certainly if any flower species was to bear a name it would be the rose, a deep symbol of love and un-ending faith for whomever you care about

yet even roses lack names, you may think, there is one rose, by another name, and to me it is twice as sweet...

dearest Marluxia,  a rose by any other name may be as sweet, but certainly you are the flower whom I see as the sweetest of all.

for Babe, hope you like it =3

I think this one failed >.> like even more than my AkuZeku one did -_-

well let the flames start =D
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OMFG THIS IS AWESOME I am faving 100000000000000 tiems also my name is Babel not Babe XD its ok alot of people call me that just call me *dramatic pause* THE BABEL lol
woops a mere typo XD
lol its ok :D my name isnt really babel though its Jen XD I use the name babel because its the name of my dad's favorite slot machine we have one in our house lol and it was right by the family computer so I would always remember it now I have a laptop but I still remember lol
lol nice XDDDDD

I'm Victorine XD

my screenname means EvilWeaselGirl Itachi means Weasel =3

theres a naruto charrie named Itachi too XD

but Weasel, its Weasel, yeah you can call me Weasel =3
ooo I love that name O_O its pretty :D my name is blah I wanted to be named Josephine because then I could be called Joe or some boyish name my brother is named Joseph though so it would be confusing my parents were going to orriginally name me that but they didnt T_T

I know I love Itachi he was the first anime charicter I ever dreamed about I loved him for about a year then I moved on to dreaming about yaoi XD

I heard that before did you ever see the picture of the weasel with the akatsuki cloak on XD its soooo cute my all time fav akatsuki charicter is Hidan he is soooooooo sexy :drool: I just love his cursing and crazy ritueals

okey dokie I will call you Weasel from now on :D
yush XD I <3 itachi for years *pokes name*

but theeeen I saw Axel, and Zexion.

it was all over riht then and there XD
lol XD I wanna poke my name too :D *pokes name* *name breaks* BAWWWWW!!! I suck
*eats my name*
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